Training and Development



Training and Development

What is Training & Development?

Training and Development is a program designed to increase your sales team capabilities. This training is often used to reinforce good sales behavior, remove unsavory sales behavior, and/or used to teach new sales methods from scratch.

Training and Development programs can come in many shapes and sizes based on the goal and objective the training is aimed to accomplish, such as, new hire, ongoing, time to ramp, retention, advanced learning, and so on.

Training & Development Statistics

of those polled, only
of companies had a documented training and development plan

Of that 36%, more than
claimed it increased their sales

More than
of companies invest in training each year

However, even with the investment, More Than
of salespeople still lack effective sales skills

Common Issues We See

  • Companies want to build a training and development plan, but aren’t sure where to start or what results to expect.
  • Companies have a training and development plan established, but rarely track progress or receive feedback from it’s execution.
  • Companies continually reuse the same training program that doesn’t bring any new skills to the table.
  • The biggest issue we see is companies simply do not have enough time or resources. Causing the company to continually push off the construction of a new training and development plan for when they have more time.

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Our Approach

The Project & The Team

With all of our sales engagements, we will complete an introductory assessment to build a complete picture of which elements of your sales structure need the most attention. One of our primary focuses during this assessment is reviewing your training and development structure to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

Following our review, we will build an action plan for growth to help you achieve your desired company goals and objectives.

Team Structure

Client Solutions Manager:

Your client solutions manager is your dedicated consultant and your go-to-resource for any sales and marketing wants and needs you may have. They are the strategist that ensures your company’s goals and objectives are being met in accordance to your schedule and budget.

Additionally, if the project requires the use of one of our dedicated execution partners. They will manage these partners on your behalf to ensure they complete their contractual project within the given timeframe and with the highest level of quality.

Director of Strategy:

In addition to your Client Solutions Manager, there is a Director of Strategy that will be overviewing the project to ensure the project is exceeding your expectations. Additionally, they act as an expert for the Client Solutions Manager if specific issues require a third opinion.

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