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Marketing Technology Summary

Marketing Technology is a broad umbrella term used for any system that can add efficiency and/or additional capabilities to your organization’s marketing team. These systems can be as simple as an email system or as complicated as a full marketing automation system, which provides a single source for all your marketing activities from prospecting to close.

There are a variety of marketing tools that are designed for companies of all sizes. These marketing tools often integrate into larger systems once you have outgrown your current platform. Like other technology systems, there is always an implementation phase that must be worked through to reach the full benefits of the new technology.

Common Issues We See

  • Companies are unaware what marketing technologies exist and what impact those tools can have on their organization.
  • Various marketing tools have been implemented, but they don’t fully integrate. Causing the marketing team to spend more time switching back and forth between various marketing tools and/or having to spend time transferring information from one system to the other.
  • Marketing tools have been introduced to the company and the marketing team, but it hasn’t been fully adopted and used to its full capacity.
  • Companies overspend on marketing tools and purchase a system that is complicated and overwhelming. Causing the company to underutilize the tool and ultimately lose efficiency and revenue.

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Marketing Strategy

In our latest e-book series, we outline what it takes to build a wold class marketing team. As many business owners know, marketing is constantly evolving and this evolution has forced marketers to confront new obstacles with various techniques, technologies, analytics, and metrics.

This constant evolution makes it easier for marketing programs to become even more unreliable and unpredictable. We tackle these issues by focusing on the steps needed to build a stable and reliable marketing foundation for you and your marketing team. 

In this e-book, you get:

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Our Approach

The Project & The Team

Implementing a new marketing technology can be time consuming and a considerable investment, depending on the system you want to implement. We begin by reviewing your company’s pain points and determine if there is a system that is right for your organization.

If there is a system that is right for you, we will help you implement the new system, minimizing growth pains experienced throughout implementing the new technology. If we feel like there isn’t a system that makes sense for you, we will help you maximize the system you currently have in place.

Regardless, our goal is to maximize your company’s earnings and choose the technology that makes the most sense for you and your bottom line.

Team Structure

Client Solutions Manager:

Your client solutions manager is your dedicated consultant and your go-to-resource for any sales and marketing wants and needs you may have. They are the strategist that ensures your company’s goals and objectives are being met in accordance to your schedule and budget.

Additionally, if the project requires the use of one of our dedicated execution partners. They will manage these partners on your behalf to ensure they complete their contractual project within the given timeframe and with the highest level of quality.

Director of Strategy:

In addition to your Client Solutions Manager, there is a Director of Strategy that will be overviewing the project to ensure the project is exceeding your expectations. Additionally, they act as an expert for the Client Solutions Manager if specific issues require a third opinion.

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