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What is Content Creation?

With digital marketing reaching all new heights, you have likely heard that “Content is King!” and, well, we can’t help but agree. With information consumption being at an all time high, it has become even more important for companies to build a marketing system focused on content creation.

With a Content Creation strategy, your organization will be producing up-to-date and relevant content for your target market/buyer personas. This information will be used to draw potential buyers to you.

You will likely hear the analogy of the hunter versus the farmer, distributing consistent content is like planting crops, it may take a little time before harvest, but you will have more consistent and ready-to-buy leads filling your funnel. This leads to consistent and steady growth for your company.

Content Creation Statistics

Websites With Consistent Content Experience
More Website Traffic

Companies that blog generate
More Leads per month

Content Leads Cost
less than outbound marketing leads

Content Marketing Produces
Higher Conversion Rates Than The Competition

Content Creation Also Generates
More Leads Than Outbound Marketing

More Than
of all buying cycles start online

Common Issues We See

  • Companies want to build an Content Strategies, but aren’t sure how to begin or how to manage the system once it’s built.
  • Not enough company content is being developed and/or the content is not catered to the correct buyer personas.
  • Content distribution is limited and not shared across multiple channels.
  • Quality content is not being repurposed into different formats to gather more company exposure.
  • A MAP or CRM is not being used to create efficiency and track the client engagement throughout the sales funnel.
  • Landing pages and call-to-actions are not used and/or have been built incorrectly.

Free e-book

6 Steps to Mastering Your

Marketing Strategy

In our latest e-book series, we outline what it takes to build a wold class marketing team. As many business owners know, marketing is constantly evolving and this evolution has forced marketers to confront new obstacles with various techniques, technologies, analytics, and metrics.

This constant evolution makes it easier for marketing programs to become even more unreliable and unpredictable. We tackle these issues by focusing on the steps needed to build a stable and reliable marketing foundation for you and your marketing team. 

In this e-book, you get:

  • The 6 steps to Mastering Your Marketing Strategy
  • Explanations of why each step is important
  • and pro tips to guide you through execution.

Our Approach

The Project & The Team

Your content strategy is necessary to build an effective inbound system that generates leads. With this much importance relying on this strategy, we will spend the most time developing and refining this section of your marketing strategy. Throughout this process we will review what has worked in the past and what SEO and Keyword elements can be used to maximize online effectiveness in the future.

If you haven’t created a content strategy, we begin by helping you create the foundation for your new system and how that ultimately ties into an overall inbound marketing system.

Potential Project Elements Include:

Content Strategy

Content Distribution Strategy

Inbound Strategy

Technology Implementation

Landing Pages & CTAs anyone?

SEO Strategy

Metrics & Reporting

Team Structure

Client Solutions Manager:

Your client solutions manager is your dedicated consultant and your go-to-resource for any sales and marketing wants and needs you may have. They are the strategist that ensures your company’s goals and objectives are being met in accordance to your schedule and budget.

Additionally, if the project requires the use of one of our dedicated execution partners. They will manage these partners on your behalf to ensure they complete their contractual project within the given timeframe and with the highest level of quality.

Director of Strategy:

In addition to your Client Solutions Manager, there is a Director of Strategy that will be overviewing the project to ensure the project is exceeding your expectations. Additionally, they act as an expert for the Client Solutions Manager if specific issues require a third opinion.

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