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Building a reliable and optimized marketing foundation

For many business owners and companies, marketing can easily become one of the lowest priorities when going through the daily grind. Often times, when companies suddenly feel the need for more customers, they will quickly opt-in to running a few promotions/discounts, maybe using some radio or billboards and that’s about it. This often creates a roller coaster of receiving customers and lacking customers without having the consistency for smooth company growth.

Sales and Marketing Inc. teaches you and your team how to build a self-sustaining marketing system that produces consistent and reliable results. In most of our messaging, you will see we emphasize “system” when discussing marketing and marketing success. We passionately believe marketing needs to be designed and built like any other system in your organization. The goal of this system is to create full company clarity on what marketing actions are needed, when they are needed, why they are needed, how it will be done, and what is the cost, timeframe and expected results of those actions.

With this marketing system in place, you can review your marketing campaigns annually and justify the marketing spend by reviewing the system’s ROI (Return on Investment) per quarter, per strategy, and per tactic.

  • What Is Needed

    Every company is unique and their marketing structure should be too. We take an unbiased approach to ensuring your marketing is built to produce the highest results.

  • When They Are Needed

    Your marketing structure will clearly explain when specific marketing tactics will be taking place. We achieve this by building annual campaigns focused on your buyer personas.

  • Why They Are Needed

    The entire company should have a clear understanding of why you are performing specific marketing functions. This guarantees your company is “owning” the marketing strategy moving forward.

  • How It Will Be Done

    Like every great plan, we will detail how these marketing functions will be completed and who will be doing them.

  • Results, Timeframe, and Cost

    Lastly, we explain the overall timeframe, cost, and expected results from executing the marketing plan. This also helps justify the total marketing expenditure when executing the new marketing system.

Free e-book

6 Steps to Mastering Your

Marketing Strategy

In our latest e-book series, we outline what it takes to build a wold class marketing team. As many business owners know, marketing is constantly evolving and this evolution has forced marketers to confront new obstacles with various techniques, technologies, analytics, and metrics.

This constant evolution makes it easier for marketing programs to become even more unreliable and unpredictable. We tackle these issues by focusing on the steps needed to build a stable and reliable marketing foundation for you and your marketing team. 

In this e-book, you get:

  • The 6 steps to Mastering Your Marketing Strategy
  • Explanations of why each step is important
  • and pro tips to guide you through execution.

Marketing Services

Here is a list of marketing services that we can help you with!

Inbound Marketing

Continually drawing customers to your company's services and products.

Inbound Marketing

Need more inbound leads in your sales funnel?

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Outbound Marketing

Helping create that initial introduction for your company.

Outbound Marketing

Not as effective as it used to be?

Find Out Why

Web Development

Establishing your company's online brand for all to find.

Web Development

Need a new website for your company?

Discover More

Search Engine Optimization

Helping you rank higher in all of your company's search results.


Not ranking for the right keywords or for the ones you want?

Discover Why

Content Creation

Creating new and effective messaging to grow your company's brand image.

Content Creation

Wanting to make a bigger digital footprint?

Discover How

Social Media

Creating dialogue and managing conversations between your company and the public.

Social Media

Is social media becoming too overwhelming and time consuming?

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Digital Advertising

Continually growing company exposure by sharing your brand across the web.

Digital Advertising

Are you new to advertising your company online?

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Video Marketing

Sharing your company's image and messaging that resonates with your buyer.

Video Marketing

Want to share your information through video?

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