What is Sales and Marketing Integration?

Sales and Marketing Integration is a strategic approach to unify your sales and marketing teams throughout the entire sales cycle. The goal is to create a flawless customer transition from being a marketing prospect to a buying customer.

If you’re wondering if you have a misaligned sales and marketing team, ask yourself if you have ever been in this situation. You hear your sales team complain they don’t have enough qualified leads and they point the finger at marketing. You then go to marketing and ask them what’s wrong. In response, marketing claims they have provided plenty of qualified leads, but the sales team simply couldn’t close the deal. This scenario is by far the most common and can occur because of different miscommunication points in the sales cycle.

The goal is to unify those teams and create a structure (commonly referred to as a Marketing Service Level Agreement – SLA). This occurs when sales and marketing agree what responsibilities and results each are held accountable for and how they can help achieve that goal together.

Sales and Marketing Integration Statistics

More Than
of Marketers Admit to Neglecting Sales

More Than
of sales reps say they can't find content to send to prospects

Of Companies Say Their Sales and Marketing Align

Companies with Strong Alignment Experienced
Growth on Average

Common Issues We See

  • Sales and marketing are separated in their departments causing communication and collaboration to be extremely limited.
  • Collaboration is an afterthought, leading to limited unstructured meetings. Commonly resulting in frustration and wasted time on both ends.
  • Each department sees their issues as more pressing, often causing more division amongst departments as they fight for priority and budget.
  • The final and largest issue, is the lower revenue and ROI we see in companies with poor alignment. Sales and marketing teams that do not work together, on average, result in a 4% decline in company growth YoY.

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Our Approach

The Project & The Team

Sales and marketing integration and alignment is one of the first structural objectives we have. The lack of integration between these two departments can wreak havoc on a company’s growth efforts and bottom line, especially if the departments have become completely siloed. Our approach and recommendations to these issues are based on a thorough analysis of your sales and communication systems.

Once our reviews have been completed, we will give you actionable next steps to correct any issues we come across. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will a perfect sales and marketing integration structure. Many of the issues discovered will involve your company culture making the transition to new and better behavior, which is often a slow journey with minor tweaks and adjustments along the way.

Team Structure

Client Solutions Manager:

Your client solutions manager is your dedicated consultant and your go-to-resource for any sales and marketing wants and needs you may have. They are the strategist that ensures your company’s goals and objectives are being met in accordance to your schedule and budget.

Additionally, if the project requires the use of one of our dedicated execution partners. They will manage these partners on your behalf to ensure they complete their contractual project within the given timeframe and with the highest level of quality.

Director of Strategy:

In addition to your Client Solutions Manager, there is a Director of Strategy that will be overviewing the project to ensure the project is exceeding your expectations. Additionally, they act as an expert for the Client Solutions Manager if specific issues require a third opinion.

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