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From start-up to enterprise, sales is the driving force for every organization. A company’s growth and success rely on their ability to sell their products and/or services to their target market/buyer persona. In the past, even just ten years ago, this could be accomplished by cold calling and list purchasing. However, with digital usage at an all time high, the buyer now has more information and more control over their purchases than ever before.

With digital usage turning everything upside down on traditional tactics, organizations are now learning to adapt and sell their services and products in an entirely new way. Sales and Marketing Inc. teaches you and your organization how to build an optimized sales system that focuses on harnessing new sales strategies, such as social selling, to expand your sales capabilities and reach buyers where they want to be reached.

The goal is to integrate traditional and new techniques to create an optimized sales system obliterating sales quotas and showing you new levels of company success.

Traditional Tactics
  • Cold Calling

    Method of outreach to interrupt your potential buyer and create immediate dialogue.

  • List Purchasing

    New contacts are not gathered through opt-in methods, but instead are found through a third party source.

  • Generic Messaging

    Messaging is the same to every potential customer.

New Sales Tactics
  • Inbound Lead

    Potential buyer reaches out to you or opts-in to giving you contact information.

  • Social Selling

    Using various social channels to create unique and customize dialogue with your potential buyer.

  • Customized Messaging

    Messaging is unique based on the buyers pain-points, wants, and needs.

Free e-book

6 Steps to Mastering Your

Sales Strategy

In our latest e-book series, we begin outlining which Sales Strategy & Design elements can have the most impact on building consistent sales growth for you and your organization.

In this e-book, you get:

  • The 6 steps to Mastering Your Sales Strategy
  • Benchmarks to compare your answers with top US companies
  • And pro tips to help you during execution.

Sales Services

Here is a list of sales services we can help you with!

Sales Strategy

Your company's strategic planning builds the foundation for your sales success. Mistakes at this stage can lead to major issues, wasted time, and wasted company spend.

Sales Strategy

Wanting to expand your sales potential and learn new sales strategies?

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Talent Strategy

Ensuring you are hiring the right people for the right role. This leads to higher overall sales and higher employee satisfaction.

Talent Strategy

Looking for a better talent strategy and system?

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Training & Development

Training and Development programs create an ongoing education platform that allows you to track employee and managerial career growth and progress.

Training & Development

Don't have enough time and resources to build your training and development structure?

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Data & Analytics

Taking your sales data points and turning those metrics into actionable business intelligence.

Data & Analytics

Need help establishing company benchmarks and KPIs?

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Sales Technology

Creating and utilizing a sales support system, most commonly used is a customer relationship management tool (CRM).

Sales Technology

Need help implementing a new sales technology platform?

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Sales Execution

Analyzing how well your sales employees work together and how well they follow the sales process.

Sales Execution

Interested in learning more about maximizing your company's execution capabilities?

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