Sales Execution



Sales Execution

What is Sales Execution?

Sales execution refers to the actions taken place to guide a lead through the sales funnel and ultimately closing the deal.

Some of the high priority items in this section would be to review the sales process and which steps are needed to close a prospect. Additionally, we also measure what tools your sales team need and what could help shorten the sales cycle.

This does include how much support your sales team has, such as training, quality, and how much quality data & analytics are available to them.


Sales Strategy Statistics

More Than
of Companies Report having a sales process

However, Only
Of companies say their sales people follow the sales process

Less Than
of companies have support functions available for their sales team

Common Issues We See

  • The sales process has not been fully documented or has not been updated. This results in each sales representative making their own process that cannot be easily tracked, measured, or optimized.
  • The company sales culture is more focused on completing tasks than meeting performance metrics/KPIs. (Example: sales rep focused on completing call requirement, instead of making the sale.)
  • Sales representatives, training, quality, management, etc. are not held accountable for the same results. Often resulting in just the sales representatives being blamed when sales numbers have not been met.
  • The sales execution plan is not measured for its effectiveness, which can lead to kinks developing in certain stages of the sales funnel and no remedy to fix it.

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Sales Execution

In our latest e-book series, we begin outlining which items in your Sales Execution strategy can help increase the effectiveness of your entire team. Allowing the chance for all your sales members the opportunity to increase their skill set and achieve more.

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Our Approach

The Project & The Team

With all of our engagements, we complete an introductory sales assessment to build a complete picture of which elements of your sales structure need the most attention.

Sales execution plays a huge role in determining if your organization has the correct culture for optimal sales growth, whether your sales process is correct, and how well your sales teams are being supported in their everyday tasks.

Once we have fully evaluated your sales execution process, we will guide your organization through each step necessary to increase revenue and turn leads lost into leads won.

Team Structure

Client Solutions Manager:

Your client solutions manager is your dedicated consultant and your go-to-resource for any sales and marketing wants and needs you may have. They are the strategist that ensures your company’s goals and objectives are being met in accordance to your schedule and budget.

Additionally, if the project requires the use of one of our dedicated execution partners. They will manage these partners on your behalf to ensure they complete their contractual project within the given timeframe and with the highest level of quality.

Director of Strategy:

In addition to your Client Solutions Manager, there is a Director of Strategy that will be overviewing the project to ensure the project is exceeding your expectations. Additionally, they act as an expert for the Client Solutions Manager if specific issues require a third opinion.

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